Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday---2 of my very good friends

Today I am going to tell you about two of my very good friends. Much time is spent with these friends. They are my therapy. They help me create. Yes they are my sewing machines. Here they are:

We spend LOTS of time together. They know my secrets. They never tell. We make things that make people smile. It makes us happy too. One or the other are generally ready at moments notice to help me make gifts, things for our household, repair things. They've seen Halloween costumes, pillowcases, curtains, quilts, and bags. They've helped me hem pants, patch jeans and so much more.
When other things aren't necessarily going the way I want them to, I just get one of them out and we work it out. They don't judge, they just say, let's meditate on this for a while, what are we going to make that's fun today?
Now granted it's a give and take relationship. While they take care of me, I also have to care for them. New needles, remove the lint, oil them up. But its like a lot of friendships, what one lacks, they other fills in with. With them I can do great things. Without, not so much. I found that out recently when one wa away at the 'doctor' and the other cracked its bobbin, and none around for a quick replacement. A quick trip to the store and we were back in business.
Making lots of Christmas things that will make lots of people smile with my two best friends whom I am thankful for,
From Tulip~

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COUNTRY LINKed said...

No better friend than your sewing machine! Me and my good friend have not see each other in a long time. We did make a Halloween costume together, but have not made a quilt in a very long time. :( Hopefully after the holidays we can get back together again.