Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday (a day late)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We were blessed enough to not only enjoy one family meal, but two. For lunch we went to my Uncle Tom's. Present were my Grandmother and her best friend, Mary, all of mom's siblings, she has three brothers; my brother and family and 5 of my cousins and their families or spouse or significant other (you get the picture) We enjoyed a great meal. We planned our Christmas gathering, what we would do, where it would be etc. We will exchange ornaments and have decided to help out a family friend who is struggling with health and employment issues. My grandmother has decided that because of her failing health she is going to scale back on some things. One of those things is the decorating for Christmas that she does. She has a rather large Santa collection that she has always said I could have. I have always answered, while yes, I would like to have it, but I want you to enjoy it as long as you want to. This year she insisted that she didn't want it all out. So we went through her Christmas things and put out the basics, a small tree, a nativity set and an arrangement on her dining room table. The rest of the items were passed out to family members yesterday at the Thanksgiving dinner, minus the Santas, which are on my display shelf in my living room.
Last night, probably still a little bloated from lunch, we went to The Farmer's mom's house for round two. There we shared our meal with both of The Farmers' sisters and their families. Although we weren't particularly serious in our 'what are we thankful for' time, in fact we got a little silly, but I think everyone realized that even in our silliness, we all were thankful to be together and for each other.
So my official 'thankfulness' for yesterday is my family. I really and truly wish I could have gotten to see more of them, but was just as truly thankful to spend time with the ones that we got together with.
Finishing up my blog as the kids start picking up and rearranging the living room in order to put up the Christmas Tree,
From Tulip~

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