Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Sound of Music to my ears

I am listening to one of my favorite sounds in the whole entire world. My kids are laughing and playing and having generally a good 'ol time. Not sure the game, but it involves Sam making roaring noises, Jenna giggling, and Seth alternating between the giggle and the roar. With Cody thrown in here and there, telling them what to do, how to do it, etc........ I am guessing if it was a little quieter, I might here the soft buzzing of their father 'watching TV' (aka asleep in front of said TV)
I love those lazy summer days, where there really isn't anything that HAS to happen, today was one of those. I did some laundry, some dishes, picked up, made beds, all those things that happen everyday. But I also............ planned the design for the tiles we are going to 'install' on the wall at the end of the cabinets in my kitchen. (no pictures till the project is complete remember) Hemmed the edges (and hung them afterwards) of two curtain panels that will serve as Jenna's closet doors and add glam to the fashion shows that regularly occur in that room. I cut out pieces to quilt top that for some reason I thought I needed to make, it's cowboy themed and like most projects that I start, I have no idea what size the finished project will be, who it's for, etc etc
What else? Grocery shopping.......... "thirsty" for a new mixed drink that I found the recipe for, so a stop at DC's in town helped me gather the 'spirits' for the recipe. Stopped by my NEW FAVORITE store, 'Material Girl Quilt Shop' for locals this is in the old 'Farmer's Crafts' building, for those who know where I worked at Blattner Furniture, it's just around the corner. It's recently opened and owned by a friend of mine, Meredith (Romine) Stidham. She isn't fully stocked yet, but getting more goodies everyday and I have already added some 'punches' to my frequent customer card! :) She is working on a website, when it's up and going I will add the info on here, as I hope that she does well and am willing to do my part and tell anyone who will listen, to stop in and see her!
We bought fireworks on the way home, so that will be the question of the day ALL DAY tomorrow, looking forward to time off from 'Can we place Playstation?' which is the other popular question of the day at this house. Anyway, that's what's going on here. Hope you and yours are enjoying your lazy summer days.
And I didn't forget, just wanted to save the BEST for last....................... there's a FOXY fellow in Fouke Arkansas who had a birthday today, not saying how old, but a little (or alot, but who's counting) over 30.
From Tulip~

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