Friday, June 27, 2008

I absolutely love...............

being a wife, a mom and a daughter and a granddaughter, you get the picture, but for the last two and half years of my life I have entered a new stage that I LOVE! I am an Aunt. First came Riddick, with his brilliant blue eyes, chubby cheeks that I love to kiss and my newest little buddy Marshall who has a pretty kissable set of cheeks himself, but now the fun is coming!!!! We learned yesterday that Riddick's little sibling is going to be a sister! That's right I am getting a niece. I am very excited. I love my mother so much, but I LOVE my aunts alot too and it's a different kind of love, friendship, mom-like and MORE. So now I will get to experience that love on the other end and look out Trinity (the planned name as of now) here comes Aunt Kathy! So there I have 'announced' the big news. (had to announce it somewhere, seems some parents and grandparents have about todl the rest of the world! ;)
From Tulip~

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