Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids and Black Cows, Part 4

Not to be outdone by his older siblings, Seth has joined the rest in their obsession to lead the calves on every part of the yard and driveways of this farm. This evening he and Jenna, were leading the 'little calves' Barbie (technically Jenna's but easier to lead, so Seth had her) and Little Bit (she's a little more spirited, so Jenna was leading her) They think that we should take the whole works to the fair on Saturday, we will have to see what Daddy thinks, when they tell him. Seth really doesn't do too bad, when you factor in that he is 3 and half (2/3's if you want to get technical) of course good ol' Barbie is the calmest calf I have ever been around. When we are done leading her, you walk her to the barn, take off her halter and she walks to the gate of her pen and waits for you to let her in. If all the show cales were that easy, even wimpy Mom could even take charge of this project! ;)
Thought that I would show ALL my cattle showmen...........
From Tulip~

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