Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kids and Black Cows, part 1

This is a picture that I took Saturday night at Centralia Fairs' Cattle Show. Jenna, with the black calf, braids and hot pink shirt, is talking to the judge, Charlie Gerloff (Angus breeder from Bland, MO who we've gotten to know through the years from showing at the State Fair) The Open Bottle Calf class is always a popular event and as Charlie said it was the best reason to be there, to see these little kids who aren't even old enough to be in 4H out there, I think there were about 8 exhibitors in the class, ranging from 6 yrs to almost 4 yrs old. Jenna had a pretty good weekend at Sturgeon she won the Open Bottle calf class and was thrilled to come home with her grooming brush/trophy. Saturday night thanks to Papa Charlie's donation, all the exhibitors won a new rope halter, which Jenna picked out purple, so Barbie now has two halters to choose from, pink or purple. If Jenna stays this enthusiastic about showing cattle, she'll give her brothers a run for their money.
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