Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's fall, and besides harvest, what does that mean? FOOTBALL

Okay so momma bragging moment, totally unrelated to the farm sort of post today. I guess this post is just a good reminder that work hard and play hard are in good balance at H&K Farms right now. School has started back for fall, and so has HS football. Our middle son is the starting Tight End for the Varsity team. This is the first time he's played a position where he has had the chance to score a touchdown. So besides it being his first touchdown of the season, its the first varsity TD, and first one ever! We were pretty excited!
At home, silage is being chopped. Won't be long till the calves get weaned and corn shelling/harvest begins. It's a busy season at the farm, but we have a great excuse for some evenings off to go and watch that guy!

Feeling the blessings of motherhood,
From Tulip~
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