Saturday, April 5, 2014

Once Upon a Sunny Spring Saturday at H&K Farms!

What did you do today? This morning I sat lamenting at all I  had to do, and kinda gave myself the proverbial kick in the seat of the pants and told myself, 'Self, you can sit here and worry about or get on it" I got on it! 
With my town jobs, I am rarely home during the day, during the week, so weekends are full of playing catch up. Today's things that got caught up and new projects that were tackled, were as follows, take a look!

I am making Fruit Roll-ups, I pureed 3-4 cups of peaches that we had frozen in the freezer. They've been drying since before lunch and haven't reached the dry to the touch state, which what my dehydrator recipe suggested was 'done' My kids and I are all anxiously awaiting. I will try and share more details and a review, once we've actually tasted them. All that I used was the peaches, they had been sweetened a little at the time of freezing, but nothing else added and look how pretty it still looks, I was concerned that they would turn brown maybe, so far so good! 
 Other projects today included burning off the dried up stalks and vines in the garden. My Farmer and middle son LOVE to burn things, can see the smoky remains, they didn't get it all, but they will have another excuse to burn another day. :)
 This was my fence that we tied the tomatoes to last year, all cleaned off, we will move it so that we can disc the garden soon. We do this with the tractor and a big disc, like less than two swipes and its over, hopefully I will catch the Farmer doing this and take his picture! You know how he LOVES that!
 Then here's our MASTERPIECE in recycling, meet the H&K Farms newest addition to our gardening fury, a HOT BOX! I am so excited, my grandpa used to always have one and raised most everything from seed, a lot of the seed was kept from year to year. I was that organized. But the railroad ties are some that the Farmer bought who knows how long ago. The glass door was literally a DUMPSTER diving expedition done by me, helped out by my dad who hauled it home from my work, my office is next to a window and door place that had thrown that out. If anyone else wants to make a hotbox, I have a second one! ;) 
 I did splurge and buy the little divided planting containers, but am thinking already to next year and think that I could get by with those cardboard egg cartons! You see above you, future sweet peppers and hot pepper, plus two kinds of tomatoes. HOPEFULLY!!! 
 Of course no H&K picture post would be complete without black cows. Since this gal came up and posed, I took her picture. 
Her friends were too busy eating to pose, so I got an 'action' shot. That's about as much action as you get out of a group of VERY PREGNANT heifers. Notice how muddy the lot is? We got over 3 inches of rain this week, most of in a 24-hour period, so its a little, scratch that A LOT wet around here. So much so that the dog isn't invited in so quickly. She doesn't know it but tonight she's getting her Saturday night bath. She will be thrilled I am sure.
Well it's still daylight, I think I will go see if there's any charcoal left from last year and end this day at home on our farm with some of the fruits of our labor, a nice juicy steak.

Loving spring and feeling blessed to see nature come to life on the farm,

From Tulip~



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