Saturday, August 17, 2013


Since we are over half way through the month and I haven't managed to post one entry, and it looks like that theme could likely continue, I thought the title was appropriate. What a month it has been, what a month it will be. August is one of those months of change. Some years its something I look forward to, some years not so much. I remember as a kid, I was one of those kids who looked forward to school starting. Another childhood memory was attending the State Fair with my best friend and camping with her grandparents there. 24 years ago, this was a very emotional month. I went to college, four hours from home. I was a homesick kid.

I didn't miss the State Fair that year. In fact those few days were highlights of my summer, that year. As we walked around the fairgrounds a few nights ago, I was transported in my mind to a time when The Farmer and I walked the fairgrounds together, hand in hand. That part was still the same, but this time we had two of our four kids in tow. We talked about the conversation that would forever change both of our lives. At the MO State Fair August of 1989, sitting on a FFA kids' trailer project was the first time we talked about getting married. For anyone who wonders why the State Fair is so special to me, that conversation is a big reason why.

The only State Fair in recent memory that I did not attend was 19 years ago. I was VERY, VERY pregnant with our oldest son. I keep reminding myself that in a few weeks he will be as old as I was when I got married and had my own household and that the trip to take him to school is the next step and that he is ready for it. Although he is, I am not sure I am. Had my first of likely many 'take your breath away' crying moments this morning just thinking about what is ahead. I sure hope he's tougher than me. But I will also admit, I hope when he is done, he comes back home and stays close.

As I sat thinking about this blog, there were so many things that I wanted to talk about, which of course is the reminder that I haven't blogged nearly often enough. I know that the above paragraphs are kind of rambling and almost garbled, so sorry. Feeling kind of a mess right now. So, I will close with some pictures that will at least update you a little on what all THIS August has been about.

Seth's first year in 4H and Cody's last year in 4H, sigh......

8yr olds pose for pictures, 14 yr olds, not so much

Practicing fitting technique, smh.....

Serious little show woman! 

While there are a million more other things that I could write and post pics of, August isn't over, maybe I will get a chance to share more stories.

Savoring the last moments of summer,

From Tulip~



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