Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to my Dining Room----A look into what the Farmscape of H&K Farms looks like.

As a farm family, we probably eat more meals together than a lot of families. Truly one of the biggest blessings of being at home with my kids and having a self employed husband. Today The Farmer and the oldest sons are doing a big push to finish planting corn, which includes putting in a test plot and hopefully if I am lucky planting my sweet corn patch. There are only so many tractor drivers needed, so the way that I helped them today was to take lunch to the field.
Meals on Wheels--Tulip Style!
I fixed a pretty normal lunch. This was the menu, pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed veggies, and watermelon with sweet tea to drink. Typing that last line reminds me of this show..........
Hee Haw's 'What's for dinner Grandpa?' GREAT CLASSIC SKIT, from a great classic tv show!

We got to the field and served our meal, we means the littles and momma as The Farmer and the big boys were working. We didn't have lunch with the oldest as he took his lunch break to run to town buy a replacement part.
As I got the food out here was my view...............
The Farmer's RIDE, who else has a work vehicle like that one?

Trees along edge of the field provide great shade!

This big bruiser, still wounded (smoke stack) but hard at it!
We ate off the back of my Expedition and sat on the tailgate of the truck............
Maybe not an ideal spot to all, but we didn't complain! 

I have come to think of seed bags as great seat cushions.
A quick siesta by The Farmer, and some texting to a female friend by middle son while the shorties and I went for a walk.............
Apparently flattened out fescue is suitable for napping!

See those BIG FEET? That would be middle son.............
As Seth and Jenna finished their last slices of watermelon, we went for a short walk. The field they are planting at the moment is about 50 acres, about an average sized field on our farm. I love that standing in the middle of it I can still see farmsteads of four neighbors, acres and acres of crop ground and lots of trees. There is a creek that is never farther than about three miles from me no matter where I am on any of our farms, that adds a little rolling-ness (is that a word?) to the land and adds lots of lush green everywhere. There is no horizon line anywhere on our farms, that doesn't include trees. What a blessing!
Who doesn't like a toothy smile mid-bite on some watermelon?

The Sass is also a melon lover! ;)

Neighboring farmhouse. 

Notice how EVERY SINGLE horizon line includes TREES?

Extra credit, who knows what made those lines and why?

Is this how crop circles begin? Nope, just the farmer's turn row!

My walking buddies showing you how tall the fescue is. 

Heading back to the car. 

Guess mom walks too slow! 
I think sometimes I forget how blessed my life is. Thankfully today I was reminded of this as I did something I have done time and time again, just a plain ol' everyday blessing. I think those are my favorite kind!

Blessed to be farming,

From Tulip~




Elizabeth Martin said...

Awesome post!!! Makes me miss home. I usually got to ride in the buddy seat at planting and I miss taking meals to my dad in the field! Happy Planting - hope you get everything done in between rains :)

Laurie - Country Link said...

One of my favorite posts of yours Kathy! Food for some reason tastes just as good if not better when eaten off of a tail gate. :) Thank you for linking up with County Fair Blog Party!