Saturday, June 8, 2013

A break in our regularly scheduled blogging............

A few months ago, I gave myself writing prompts thinking at the time that they would be the back up plan. They would give me an idea of where to start, if I didn't already have an idea. They have evolved into the subject I write about on the given day that the blog post is entered. Not sure if that is good or bad. The plus I know of is that when I have time I might write up four or five recipes ahead and then plan to take pics the next time I make whichever foods I have written about, so I can add them to the post before publishing, etc...........kind of the meal planning of the 'blog' world. During the school year when I was subbing, it was something to do on my breaks. Blogger is an allowed website on the school networks. The minuses I see are that for me as I scroll down through recent posts, they look a little boring. So I am going to make the goal that for summer, I am going to write at least half the posts about whatever I was thinking about, had happened that day, etc.............which is kinda what I used to do. I still like the What's for Dinner Wednesdays and Silent Saturdays or Sundays, etc.......... as they are easy to add interesting content regularly.

So with that thought in mind, here's what's going on here:

  1. Planting has started back again! YAY! Happy Farmer, or at least too tired to be grumpy, jury is still out on that one!
  2. Hay hauling will begin today, I 'get' to feed my hay hauling boys after they haul about 1100 bales today, love this time of year, love seeing those kids, love paying them for a job well done, am totally entertained by their banter as they sit around our picnic table and eat after they get done. 
  3. Sam started summer weight lifting for FOOTBALL! Never in a million years thought I would be THAT excited about football! 
  4. 3 of 4 kids made their annual trek to 4H camp last week, Seth for the first time, Cody for the last time and it was Sam's first year to be a counselor. 
  5. Vacation Bible School at Tulip starts tomorrow night. I am the 'snack lady' I filled the freezer at church last night with perennial kid food favorites, mini corn dogs, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, etc. We've decorated the church like one big luau. This next week is always a fun one.
  6. I have written my first quilting pattern. I have some good friends testing it right now. I am hoping to get it published and start selling, so excited about that!  
  7. Next week we take Cody to SOAR @ NWMSU, and get that guy signed up for college. I am  excited about it, just pretty sure that there will likely be more than a few weepy momma moments along with it!

Okay that's all for now, need to get things ready around here for busy-ness of life on the farm. Thinking tomorrow will be a 'Silent Sunday' filled with hay hauling and tractors planting, etc...........

Looking forward to all that summer has to offer and praying it will be a productive one on our farm this year,

From Tulip~



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Anonymous said...

Had missed seeing your posts! Write when ever you have the chance. So much going on right now. Can we borrow these boys you talk about who haul in hay?? ;)