Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's for Dinner Wednesday--Chicken Salad

May is Beef month, and here I am a cattle woman posting a chicken recipe. I am sorry, I will turn in my 'membership card' later. My only excuse is that its a BUSY week and these are pictures that I had taken a while back and haven't had the opportunity to prepare anything else. Since I didn't post a recipe last week, nothing was going to stop me from adding this one week, and the fact that I am subbing at school, and supervising kids while they complete some worksheets, I decided in the craziness that is this week, this was my only opportunity to add the here goes!

Chicken Salad, the ingredients:
I buy the canned chunk chicken at Sam's club, that's the best buy I have found on it anywhere. Obviously you could cook your own and I have before, but I keep this chicken in the can on hand, that way I can make up something quickly if need be.

For salads, I prefer Hellman's, but if you are a Miracle Whip person, have at it. Then grapes, green onions and sliced almonds.

First step, shred the chicken.

Chop up the entire bundle of green onions, I think that there were 6 in this particular one. Also chop of grapes, I usually 'quarter' them.

Combine all ingredients. Notice I haven't mentioned amounts. If I had to actually measure, I would say one large can of chicken, this is probably equal to about 3 of the ones in most grocery stores, a bundle of green onions, again 6-ish........... maybe 1 generous cup of grapes. 1 cup of mayo and about 2/3 cup of almonds.

Store in the fridge in a sealed container. I kind of prefer to make this the day before I am going to serve, I think the flavors mix together better that way, who else does that?

This is a great cold entree or appetizer. I like to make the 'dollar' rolls and use them as my buns  and make mini sandwiches. It's also good on toast. This recipe makes about 36 mini sandwiches with the dollar rolls. (which works out well if you don't have time to make them totally from scratch, Rhodes sells a bag of the thaw and rise rolls in a quantity of 3 dozen.)

This is a dish that when I take it to places, I rarely bring any home. The Farmer doesn't mind 'leftovers' if there are any, but he, Seth and I are the only ones at our house who really like it, so, its usually one of those recipes I take other places more than make at home. This was this case last week. We had a church member pass away and the bereavement dinner was supposed to be just sandwiches and salads. Now my country church is full of farm women who are prepared to cook most anything in times like this and 'only' sandwiches and salads, still filled three long church tables. In amongst the 30 other choices, I think that there was still only 3 sandwiches leftover when we cleaned up. This recipe is a people pleaser.

Is it bad when I am considering 'work' as time off? Thats the case this week. Hope all is well with our friends and blog followers. Silent Sunday will likely be very full of graduation party and actual graduation pics, look for momma to have a few tears in her eyes............ one last picture, not recipe related, but had to share the guy I am very proud of, he gave the Benediction at the end of Baccalaureate the other day, off the cuff, no notes. He has the gift of gab, not sure where he gets that, LOL

Wiping proud momma tears is my hobby this week,

From school (not at Tulip today)~



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