Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's for Dinner Wednesdays

I have a blogger friend who posts one of these every week. I hope to be as consistent. It's also my hope with these posts to offer great tasting meals for families to share, easy for moms to prepare and ones that the whole family will eat. I will be posting 6 star meals, in other words, ones that all 6 of us like.
For my first offering, I'd like to share 'Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings' I am not sure exactly how the original recipe went, but I am going to tell you how I fix it. :) Keep in mind I serve 6 people, two of which are teenage boys, so you might want to adjust for your household.
In a larger (6 qt-oval) crockpot add:
5 or 6 frozen chicken breasts
'Cream of' soup (use whatever you have on hand that your bunch likes, I haven't found one that doesn't work, any will do)
about 1# of frozen veggies (I have used a combo of raw baby carrots and frozen corn or peas, again use your favs)
1-2 boxes of chicken broth (it's do-able with one, but I like the finished product with two better)
1 pkg of Knorr homestyle chicken stock this
Place in crockpot before work or early in the day. About 1 1/2 hrs before serving, add two cans of biscuits, that you have cut each biscuit into fourths. At this time I generally break up the chicken into smaller pieces and make sure the biscuits/dumplings are covered by the broth. That's all serve later and enjoy.
This is a recipe I found on Pinterest probably a year ago and we have eaten this twice a month since then. Everyone likes it, there's never any leftovers. I like that I can stick it in early and outside of throwing in the biscuits there's very little pre-supper prep, as it seems that later in the day, time seems to be a hot commodity.
Another thing I use that I like when using my crockpot are these. They are liners for your crockpot. We all know how 'cooked on' things get in a crockpot, and these guys make that heavy scrubbing step practically non-existent.
Rough draft blogging with paper and pen while subbing and wishing I had actually put this in before leaving this morning,
From Tulip~

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Jennifer Whitney said...

Thanks for sharing! I am in love with the Knorr Homestyle stocks! I use both the beef and chicken.