Sunday, August 5, 2012


18 years ago this summer, I couldn't wait to see you......... 18 years later, I am always glad for another day, as I know they are numbered. Your Senior year of high school is upon us. As emotional as I am about it, can't even imagine what next summer will be like, you going away to college. But like everything from the beginning, you will do it all in your own time. I remember wanting you for many months before actually even getting pregnant with you. Then that long hot summer, or at least it felt long and hot. What did you do, showed up on the last 'unofficial' day of summer, 'Labor Day' When you were born I thought he's all arms and legs............hmmmm, I still think that. You used to be scared of the vacuum, maybe you still are, is that why your room is messy? We used to have to hold you down to cut your hair, today while cutting it, I almost cried, nope don't have to hold you down, but you asked me to trim your 'scruff' of a beard, when the heck did you become a man? Momma loves you, but those glimpses into the future make me sad. Tonight begins football season, which for my football player will certainly be among the highlights of the next 9 months. While I will love every minute of it, I will certainly savor every one as well. As much as I will miss being a part of your daily life I absolutely can't wait to see where your mind, energy and soul take you. Your journey will be amazing, there will be ups and downs, easy days and challenges. I know that you are ready for it, even if I'm not. Enjoy these last days of childhood and get ready to conquer the world, because I know you can.
First of many lumps in my throat thinking about Cody being a Senior,
From Tulip~

(p.s. that's another one of his senior pictures)

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Nan said...

Hey momma, you will survive this, might be a few pounds lighter because of the tears shed. You know your friends will be there as a shoulder to cry on. It has been a great ride and will continue to be!
Love you.