Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Home

I don't know that I have shared on my blog that we are building onto our home. So here's the story: We have lived in this house for a little over 12 yrs. We moved in when Sam was one month old. This is the house that David grew up in. When we moved in here, we traded houses with David's parents. I remember thinking how empty the house looked when Bob and Gladys moved their stuff out and it was just our things in here.

Since the boys were little, we put them into a bedroom together and then they had a playroom as well. We had a huge spacious bedroom.

Fast forward 12 yrs, add 2 more kids and GOBS more STUFF. Our two-three bedroom, ONE BATHROOM house seemed to almost burst at the seams. We had talked for several years about adding onto our house. We finally drew it up, tweaked it and took the plunge. Crowded-ness was factor then, so was 'old house' the south wall of our basement had started cracking and the cracked area had began to bulge, which of course concerned us that some day we would find ourselves in the basement......YIKES!

Last summer, we started the process of adding onto our home. We are adding about 25 feet onto the entire south side of our house and extending the basement, adding 1500 square feet to our home. When done, each child will have their own room. We will go from 1 to 2.5 bathrooms and just generally have some elbow space. :)

Currently we are waiting to get the dry wall taped, mudded, sanded, etc....... then the finish work is about all that is left. I am not a huge fan of painting and I have figured out that basically 2/3 of our house will end up getting painting, something I am not excited about, but am looking forward to as it means the project will be closer to complete. So if you like to paint, LMK, I can put you to work!

Awaiting the 'promised' snow storm and hoping the weatherman is wrong,

From Tulip~



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Nan said...

Good luck on the painting, but if you need some help and I have free time, let me know. I hate to paint because of a bad shoulder but would be willing to help a friend. I know you are so excited to get this project finished/started and can't wait to see the final product on the remodel. Hope you have plenty of things to keep you occupied if we get the promised snow tonight.