Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Stuff

Hey there,
I don't seem to find as much time to blog it seems with Summer in full swing. So here's some tidbits:
Last week I am going to assume Cody and Sam enjoyed 4H Camp. I got when I asked how was camp? Okay and good. Even my chatty oldest child was pretty tight lipped. They both admitted to dancing with girls the night of the dance, I think they came home with most things that they took and I am fairly sure that they actually used the soap and shampoo that was sent. They also both came home with those great extension cords that REC donates the supplies for so 4h campers have a day to learn about electricity. Sam did say if he had more supplies he could make more, maybe I will send him shopping with Grandpa Charlie before Christmas and have him make some for the rest of the family.
Let's see, Thursday last week, the old washer finally totally quit spinning any water out of the clothes, and as luck would have it (sarcasm intended) it was the same day that the dryer decided to quit working as well. I of course had washed a load of clothes that I REALLY needed and needed quickly that morning. So Seth Jenna and I wore jeans that day. My birthday gift from Mom and Dad was sitting but a few feet away, so washer replacement was an easy fix. The dryer only needed a 'tune-up' kit as per the advice of Gary Ennis (Ennis Appliance, Bus Loop 70 in Columbia, the only place to buy appliances, IMO) so forty dollars later I was back in the laundry business, a necessary evil at this house and one that must be practiced constantly, or we will all have to dress like Seth and the rest of us don't look near as cute running around in undies only.
Now for the other excitement of the morning and an upcoming potential visit with Gary, our refridgerator is about to poop out as well. So while picking up the parts and after texting David a hateful message about appliance (s!!!) for Father's Day, I did browse the 'fridge' section. The 'ol stimulus check from Uncle Sam and 'Dubya' has a definite use at this house.
Other projects so far this summer have been painting. Jenna's room is now 'Satin Doll' pink (big shock there, huh?) It still is getting some new curtains and a little detail/decorative painting before the 'big reveal' pictures will show up on here, but it's CLEAN (always a plus) and organized (close to box full of outgrown toys, Happy Meal junk, etc was culled out and she hasn't missed any of it, which always leads me to wonder how much more could I have gotten away with?)
There's more paint to be 'spread' the hallway and the bathroom are the next victims, will update on the progress as it happens. I've been alerted of potential black mail photos as the barbies are out and Jenna isn't playing alone, so I have some re-con to do.
That's all for now.
From Tulip~

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Scott, Kim and Jay said...

Major appliances suck! Our washer just went out too, and plumbing problems, constantly! GRRRRRRRRRR Have a great week!